Geoff & Heather Gartside have been filming wildlife professionally for over 20 years, not only in the UK but also in locations such as Alaska  Belize  British Columbia  Eithiopia  Equador  India  United States  West Africa and many European countries

During this time we have filmed both entire programmes and sequences for several prestigious series including

BBC Bristol’s The Natural World, Wildlife on One and Living Dangerously.
Amongst other credits are contributions to the ground breaking Private Life of Plants and Life of Birds.

  Also The Land of the Tiger, Battle of the Sexes, The Velvet Claw, Nightmares of Nature and Winners and Losers together with others for broadcasters such as BBC Wales and National Geographic.

Repeat timelapse track set up
Geoff Gartside with camo camera
Filming in deep snow
Filming in lake
Using mini jib to film underwater

Now, from our base in North Wales, IBEX FILMS produces natural history and environmental programming, high definition broadcast and high end corporate or audio/viual single and multi screen presentations.

We are also able to offer commercial drone services


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David Attenborough Big Five

The Wildlife on One "Stoats in the Priory" not only won Geoff an award at the International Film Festival in Missoula,Montana but was also chosen by Sir David Attenborough as being one of his top five of all time in that long running series.  Here's what he had to say about it ....

"Simplicity was the watchword here:  A lovely, very beautiful film.

Deliberately shot to create an atmosphere where you would only see what you would see if a stoat came in your garden and you had a pair of binoculars.  No hidden cameras, no funny angles.  It created a picture of rural life that was most beguiling".

Close up of young Stoat
Stoat amongst rocks
Filming bees on thistles
Close up of Polecat
Motion tracking across stream