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Terms of Use Agreement for Stock Footage (Video Content)


1. Introduction

This Terms of Use Agreement is made by Ibex Films (the Licensor) in favour of the Licensee concerning Footage purchased by the Licensee upon payment of the License Fee.  It sets out the general conditions which will appertain to the supply of Footage by the Licensor to the Licensee who acquires rights to use the footage.  It should be read in conjunction with the conditions stated on the relevant invoice supplied at point of purchase


"Footage" means any moving images, animations, films, videos or other audio/visual representations, video elements, visual effects elements, templates, graphics packs and motion design projects excluding still images, recorded in any format


The terms of this agreement are as follows:


2.  Copyright

The copyright of all footage remains the property of The Licensor


3.  Exceptions to usage rights


                a.  use any Royalty Free Footage in a multi-media production distributed via broadcast, cable network, OTT video service or in theatres

                b.  use still images derived from footage except solely in connection with the in-context marketing, promotion and advertising of your derivative works incorporating the footage

                c.  use the footage in any way that may be pornographic or offensive, or slanderous to any person or persons depicted, described or referred  to in the footage


                d.  modify Visual Content designated "Editorial Use  Only" in a manner that changes the context of what is depicted


                e.  use Visual Content designated "Editorial Use Only" (including, but not limited to,         Editorial content) for commercial purposes, including for reference, in any advertising, merchandise or other non-editorial contexts


                f.  resell, redistribute, provide access to, share or transfer any Visual Content except as specifically provided herein.   For example and not by way of limitation, the foregoing prohibits playing Content as, or as part of, a "gallery" of content  through which third parties may search and select from such content


                g.  use Visual Content in a manner that infringes upon any third party's trademark or other intellectual property, or would give rise to a claim of deceptive advertising  or unfair competition


                h.  use any Visual Content (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logo, or other indication of origin, or as part thereof


                i.  use any Editorial content on a publication cover, jacket, or other packaging related to the underlying use


                j.  use any Editorial content in a publication with a print run in excess of 500,000 copies


“Editorial” use shall mean a use made for descriptive purposes in a context that is newsworthy or of human interest and expressly excludes commercial uses such as advertising or merchandising

4.  Transfer of rights of use

The Licensee may not transfer rights to the footage to any another person or entity


6. Contract

Payment of the Purchase Invoice indicates acceptance by the Licensee of all conditions stated  both in this Agreement and on the Invoice

The Licensee also agrees to all of the specific conditions, as stated on the invoice presented for payment, which identify the rights of use according to the selections made when purchasing the licence to use the footage.

If the licence is for “Royalty Free” use, the license will, by default, allow worldwide usage in perpetuity unless otherwise stated in the conditions given on the relevant invoice provided for payment.

Please contact us if you require additional rights - for example exclusive rights for a specific region or time period.


Please make sure that you read and understand all of this information.  Payment of the invoice means that you accept the terms of this agreement and the additional limitations of use stated on the purchase invoice.


6.  Payment


The right to use the footage is granted on receipt of full payment of the invoice relating to the footage.  


Payment must be made in advance of transfer of the footage. 

October 2019

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