Precision Levels / Tilt Monitors with ± 0.5° range


This instrument is a reconfigured system, at the core of which is a precision military
levelling instrument / inclinometer.

It was designed to monitor deflection angles of tank gun barrels during repeated usage.

More information concerning this historical use is available here.


The present system comprises a sensing element (being a 3 electrode electrolytic vial)

housed in a robust steel module and a signal conditioning unit which supplies an alternating excitation current to the sensor and also processes the output to give usable information relating to both null (sensor output balanced) and offset information.


The system may be used in several ways:

1.  As a simple null indicator attached to any device which can be levelled within the range of the course adjuster          screw on the sensor body mount (adjustable units only)


2.  As a precision level, indicating the true level of the surface upon which it is resting (all sensor types)


3.  As a two position angular cycling monitor to test the repeatability of repositioning of structures to which the sensor mount is fixed (using the twin sensor unit).


4.  As a vibration monitor


5.  As a stability monitor (short or long term)

6.  As a sensitive accelerometer



Although we are not aware of any overload issues it would be good practice to initially level the object to be tested (at least by eye), and to set the range switch to its least sensitive position (10mm/meter0)before switching on the power.


1.  Connect the sensor plug (3 pole XLR) to the readout unit.


2.  Set the Sensitivity switch to 10mm/meter


3.  Apply power, using either the supplied mains adapter or an alternative stabilised 12 volt dc source.

If making your own connections the XLR socket connections are

Pin 1    negative

Pin 2    nc

Pin 3    nc

Pin 4    positive

Input  voltage 10 - 16V dc, stabilised 1 Amp nominally.


4.  The instrument may now be used to check levels or angular displacement by adjusting the sensitivity range as required.


All of the sensor units can be screwed down on to the surface being measured.  The adjustable sensors all have M6

clearance holes whilst the fixed sensor has 4 tapped holes (6-32 UNC x 4 mm deep)

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