History of the Levels


Some years ago we bought a batch of ex-military instruments because we needed the Zarges flight cases.  They contained precision military electrolevel systems, designed and built by Tilt Measurement Ltd.   These systems had been decommissioned.


They were, in fact, high performance electrolytic tilt sensors and readout units.  We immediately set a couple of them to work on  our repeat motion tracking timelapse systems, and they worked really well, allowing us to reposition our systems months later with great accuracy. We still use them for this purpose, although the boxes have found other uses!


We have also been selling these original systems for several years now and they are well received globally, although perhaps a little robust for some customers!   

Re-built Lightweight Precision Levels (10 second measurement)

Our remaining original units are now being  reconfigured to provide  lightweight and functional electro-level systems for less demanding operating environments. They use the same core components from the original systems (sensor heads, signal conditioning boards and readout units) but are housed in lightweight cases with 12V dc power input rather than mains and are without the heavy

re-chargeable ni-cad batteries.

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