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This clip shows some of the footage we are releasing as stock footage in our new IBEXSTOCK library

Drones bring a whole new perspective on the world.

Looking down at places and things you wouldn't ordinarily be able to see can be truly exciting

Starling murmurations are always spectacular and exciting but how many of us have seen what happens when the birds settle down to roost.  Our infra red camera reveals them safe amongst the reeds

This footage will soon be available through our new IBEXSTOCK  library of stock footage

A small Welsh river - it can seem quiet and perhaps unimportant but it's home to many creatures that use it to feed, breed and hunt. This is a short snapshot of  some of the inhabitants and visitors

Here you can see more of the footage

availble to buy through IBEXSTOCK

This is a STOATALLY fun clip - a family of young stoats with their mother run, jump and play amonst the rocks lining an estuary.  Nothing is safe from their attention - growing up is, for now, all FUN

Soon this footage plus another 200 clips of these incredible animals will be available through IBEXSTOCK

Produced as both a visitor centre display and an educational DVD, this film shows the extraordinary wildlife and landscape of the Loggerheads Country Park in North Wales. 

This film was also shown as a cinema presentation.

The coldest December for 100 years and the River Conwy in North Wales froze over.

Spectacular but watch what happens when the thaw comes!

A short timelapse sequence showing the amazing transformation as a  dragonfly changes from dull a water living nymph into a brilliently coloured

flying insect

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