water is the elixir of life ...
                                                                      ... every living thing on earth needs it


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Welcome to the Otter’s Realm Technology page. Follow and help with ideas (if you can) as we develop our camera systems to reveal the amazing world in and around fresh water

If you’re interested in

  • novel methods of using  miniature cameras like GoPro and Raspberry Pi,
  • ways to make and use motion tracking equipment for miniature and DSLR cameras. 
  • using the Canon EOS utility to control a DSLR via WiFi and a remote desktop then please keep an eye on this page.  Some of these ideas are still under development and if you can help you’ll be very welcome!  Even if you can’t help you’ll still be very welcome!!

We’ll be explaining how to:

  • Make your GoPro work with adjustable focus and infrared
  • Fit a 12mm(GoPro size) lens mount on your raspberry pi camera or use it underwater
  • Mod your pi to make a stand-alone but versatile trail camera
  • Use the raspberry pi for motion control
  • And much more besides

Underwater GoPro Tracking Rig

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DSLR video & stills via wifi link from over 1 mile away