water is the elixir of life ...
                                                                      ... every living thing on earth needs it


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A single drop of rain seems small but each one is precious.
Some of us have too much water but many more have too little.

Millions have no clean water and the quality of water equals the quality of life so if we spread the word perhaps this film can help to make a difference.

If you find this fascinating substance as exciting as we do, please let us know and leave your comments on how you think the film could be made better or if you know of any species or locations that would fit into the story.

We want to make this film in a different way and  to involve the people who want to watch it. 
Leave us your thoughts and ideas and if they work out, we’ll put your name on the credits.

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“I’m just a puppy but this water stuff looks like good fun so I’m going to get involved!

Celt    the newest member of the Ibex Films team!